There is certainly no shortage of classes to new parents, developed to calm their nerves during this big transition, from labor classes to bringing the baby home and the ins and outs of the fourth trimester. 

They are certainly an amazing resource and extremely helpful, but, have you noticed none of these classes go beyond the first three months?

When your parenting journey starts, it does not end when you learn how to change diapers and successfully calm your fussy baby. After all these practical skills are mastered, the big picture of bringing the baby home needs to be considered.

It’s about the first three years, not just the first three months

Research has told us that over 80% of a child’s brain is developed by age 3, with more than 1 million new neural connections formed every second! These connections are formed as a direct result of the environment and relationships surrounding a child’s first years.

What does that mean?

Parents, and main caregivers, are directly responsible for how a child experiences the world. We are responsible to provide them with healthy and meaningful experiences that will end up being wired into their brain. How we interact with them, how we respond to their needs, how we expose them to the world will build  the foundation of their brain structure and  will have a lifelong impact in their brain development and the person he will become!

What should I do then?

Imagine your baby as a blank canvas. They may have come to this world with a few built-in survivor skills but in other to thrive, we will have to teach them a whole lot more – from a proper latch to healthy sleeping habits, to the ability of self-soothe to the joy of curiosity and learning.  

I often tell parents a “Terrible Two” is a direct result of how year one went. The skills needed to thrive as a toddler, had to be instilled and fostered beforehand.

Unfortunately, we don’t think about this until it becomes an issue! Parents will often come to me seeking for remedy when their children are having sleeping or behavioral issues. I am always happy to help but I also tell them they would save so much money – as well as sanity and energy! – if  they knew how to lay out this great start!

If you would like to learn more about how you can get it right from the start, check out our classes! Our Game Plan class gives you all the tools you need to succeed in building a great foundation in your baby’s brain, fostering optimum experiences that will unlock your child’s fullest potential!