Why my baby won’t sleep through the night?

Baby sleep

Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep through the night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborns and infants. Sleep through the night is a learning process, a habit that also needs to be developed. It takes time at the beginning for a baby to develop their sleeping patterns, and then it is with the help of the grownup to decode those patterns, make a few adjustments if necessary and help consolidate them.

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?


There are techniques that help to deal with these reactions in the best way, minimizing the damage. Contributing to the child to develop and be able to negotiate their own wills, without manipulation.

How does maternal depression influence a child’s early school life?

All of us, in some way, are the result of the environment in which we live and suffer great influence from those around us in the first years of life. These early years are crucial, as this is when we start learning a language, learning to be part of society and its rules and overcoming […]

Do you know the Happiest Baby on the Block approach?

Do you know the Happiest Baby on the Block approach?

It is a philosophy that promises to calm a baby when they cry while also allowing them to sleep better, that is, the goal is to transform a baby who cries often, possibly due to colic, into a peaceful, happy baby that feels comforted and safe, without much effort. The method was developed by pediatrician […]

The Big Picture of Bringing the Baby Home

There is certainly no shortage of classes to new parents, developed to calm their nerves during this big transition, from labor classes to bringing the baby home and the ins and outs of the fourth trimester.  They are certainly an amazing resource and extremely helpful, but, have you noticed none of these classes go beyond […]