How is the discovery of colors and shapes?

Children exploration

An important step in the development of the baby is learning colors and shapes, which consequently leads the baby to learn other things, such as forming sentences, word orders, adjectives, learning to paint, and assembling puzzles. At four months, the little one begins to notice the colors, but it will take more time for them to be able to see them clearly

Why my baby won’t sleep through the night?

Baby sleep

Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep through the night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborns and infants. Sleep through the night is a learning process, a habit that also needs to be developed. It takes time at the beginning for a baby to develop their sleeping patterns, and then it is with the help of the grownup to decode those patterns, make a few adjustments if necessary and help consolidate them.

Congenital marks and hemangioma: When and what special care is necessary?

Some newborns are born with birthmarks that look like bruises or spots on the face, scalp, trunk, or neck, due to uterine contractions that press on the pelvic structures when using forceps. There may also present bruises on the feet and legs with vaginal, such as birthmarks, which can be very common in newborns. Infantile […]

Children need to explore rooms and objects around the house

Children exploration

Many parents complain about their little ones always picking up random objects in the house, moving everything around, and making a big mess. Many parents may not understand, but this is a natural behavior and part of their child’s development. They are exploring new things and touch is a way of discovering and making sense of their new world, which until recently, they had no access to. Not to mention that this sense of curiosity, when properly nurtured and celebrated, is something that will inspire their learning throughout a lifetime.

The Big Picture of Bringing the Baby Home

There is certainly no shortage of classes to new parents, developed to calm their nerves during this big transition, from labor classes to bringing the baby home and the ins and outs of the fourth trimester.  They are certainly an amazing resource and extremely helpful, but, have you noticed none of these classes go beyond […]