With the state of the world we live today, with social distancing, isolation, and the lack of expected return to normal any time soon, many parents are working from home and having their children’s school or childcare center arrangements falling apart. Some will return on a hybrid model and some are considering being completely remote.  Accumulating not only their everyday house tasks but now also facing challenges in balancing out their careers and work from home with their children schooling. With this need, there is a higher demand for domestic professionals to support parents navigating these stressful waters, helping with their small children, with virtual and distance learning, and bring some sense of order at home!

In these 17 years of experience, working as a nanny here in the United States, where the profession is more valued than in other countries, I was able to accompany dozens of children and families, gaining a lot of experience, in addition to taking several courses, deepening my knowledge in the area. And I think that some factors are important to get jobs as a nanny:

1 – Knowledge IS power! 

I am known as a “professional student” or “forever learner” in my nanny circle because I know we are never done learning! You must dedicate yourself to learning about the whole universe of motherhood, early childhood, and overall child development. How the baby develops in all areas, from feeding to motor development, from a circadian cycle to personality, all the phases that involve a child’s growth. It is important to understand both child psychology and pedagogy since a child begins their learning journey from birth, and like us, through their lifetime. Gather a few certifications under your belt that will give you authority in the area.

2 – Be flexible and willing to adapt to the family

Understand the needs and dynamics of each family, not only in regard to child care but the routine and dynamics of the home which parents like to keep when raising their children and what beliefs and values are important to them. It is essential to have direct communication with the parents, as they will most likely be around throughout the day. Ask the parent about their child-rearing philosophies, goals, the biggest challenges they are facing, be helpful, and show that you are willing to help the family in the ways you can. 

3- Radiate confidence

 During interviews, be interested in knowing everything about the family, show that you are flexible and that you are willing to adapt to the environment, be organized, attentive, proactive, etc. You need to give parents a sense of security, because you will be dealing with their main asset and their greatest love. Your demeanor and trustworthiness need to speak for themselves from the get-go.

4 – Be certified, at the very least, in infant/child CPR & First Aid

There are countless cases in which children choke or accidents that happen, such as burns, falls, and allergies. Having a basic knowledge of what to do until help arrives can save the child’s life and you will want to have that peace of mind for yourself, knowing that you are prepared if something happens.

5 – Take care of your online presence

Invest time in completing your profile on LinkedIn and other job search websites. Get help with your resume, join and engage in professional nanny or parent groups in your area, invest in networking, and participating in events about the children’s universe. Use online platforms to share your knowledge and experience as a professional.