Tips on how to be a professional nanny

With the state of the world we live today, with social distancing, isolation, and the lack of expected return to normal any time soon, many parents are working from home and having their children’s school or childcare center arrangements falling apart. Some will return on a hybrid model and some are considering being completely remote.  […]

The Nanny Educator is gaining more space in the market

If parents were already concerned with the quality of education they offer their children, as well as greater safety and comfort, with more knowledge of how the early years are crucial for optimal brain development and the new 21st century skills even in the job market, more and more, we are trying to educate children […]

How to make the first few days of your new job lighter?

How many times have you heard that when we love what we do, we don’t work a day in our lives and the days just fly by? However, it seems that when we start a new job the first few days can be challenging, long, and perhaps you even question your abilities a few times? […]