Is your little one going through the terrible twos phase?

Imagine that from one day to the next your little munchkin, who was calm and such a “stable” fella, is now throwing tantrums at the top of every hour, is irritable and it seems their favorite word now is NO. Crying for everything, not listening to the parents or caregivers at all and everything has […]

How to talk about racism with your little ones?

While we celebrate Black Awareness Day on the 20th of November in Brazil, and other months around the world, here in the United States, this date is celebrated in the month of February, due to the birth of Abraham Lincoln, president of the USA responsible for abolishing slavery. Also, due to Frederick Douglas’ birthday, a […]

How to raise emotionally healthy children?

In a generation where many adults still fear responsibilities, when the search for immediate reward prevails, and the growing number of folks that can only function on anxiolytic… adults who live for video-games and political discussions, where the danger is not only in living in an unsafe neighborhood, susceptible to floods or natural disasters, not […]

How swimming contributes to baby’s development

One of the first activities that I always recommend to new parents is swimming. In addition to being a life skill, it stimulates development, lets your little one have fun, and is a great incentive for your baby to work on their physical activity, especially during the winter. Not to mention that it is another […]

How does reading help the baby’s development?

We tend to always hear about parents reading to their young children at bedtime, but many folks still think that the habit has more to do with calming the child and getting them to sleep quicker than anything else. However, the real reason is that reading to your little one from a young age has […]

What is cradle cap?

Have you noticed that some babies have a white crust or flaking on their heads? It is ssually on the head, but it can be anywhere else on the body. It is known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, cradle cap, or milk crust, as it is also commonly called; it is very common and although it […]

What they didn’t tell you about the puerperium!

Postpartum is a difficult time for many women – they feel vulnerable due to several factors and, unfortunately, this topic is rarely talked about in maternity circles. Everything has both sides and being a mother is no different, despite our culture romanticizing this stage of a woman’s life. In real life, it is a moment […]

What is brachycephaly?

Brachycephaly is a deformity in which the baby’s skull looks smaller than normal. Commonly known as a flat head syndrome, due, in the first months, the baby appears to develop a flattened head. Brachycephaly is the result of the premature combination of coronary sutures (fontanelles), congenital or external deformation (plagiocephaly), which can be a result […]

Why is the Apgar test so important for the baby’s health?

With the purpose to verify the health status of your newborn, the Apgar test was created by Virginia Apgar, an American anesthetist, in 1952. It analyzes whether or not the newborn has adjusted to life outside the womb, if they can adapt well to the new world or if they need help. Especially because the […]

When does the child’s sleep stabilize?

A topic often discussed when having a newborn at home, especially for first-time parents, is about the baby’s sleep pattern, due to all the dependency the newborn has and the lack of a consistent sleep like ours, in addition to the anxiety of being able to return to the regular lifestyle, without being totally occupied […]