Bad Mom Syndrome

We say mother, but this text can be directed to parents in general. Parents who want to spend more time with their children, who want to enjoy more unique moments, but end up spending more time at work. Fathers who are realizing that today they need to play, change diapers and participate in education as […]

The benefits of routines for children

Routine for Children

Routines help children to feel safer and help develop a sense of space and time

 It is imperative for a child to feel safe. Being able to predict what is coming next, also allows the child to have control of their activities, which helps build a sense of space and time, another fundamental skill that would reflect in an adult who has excellent time management, is well-organized, and is able to conceptualize their thoughts both in their social or professional interactions.

Do you know the Happiest Baby on the Block approach?

Do you know the Happiest Baby on the Block approach?

It is a philosophy that promises to calm a baby when they cry while also allowing them to sleep better, that is, the goal is to transform a baby who cries often, possibly due to colic, into a peaceful, happy baby that feels comforted and safe, without much effort. The method was developed by pediatrician […]

Emotional consequence of the pandemic in children

Emotional consequence of the pandemic in children

Many folks didn’t think that we would be in social isolation for this long. That the holiday season would roll in, and we would still be isolated at home, without our loved ones united, with schools closed and our little ones still having virtual instruction. I believe I can say with conviction that the greatest […]

Do you promote emotional literacy in your little one? 

Do you promote emotional literacy in your little one?

Emotional literacy emerged with neuroscientific researches in the 90s, seeking to understand how the brain works its thoughts and emotions. As we recognize the feelings that bother us, we learn how to manage them and make assertive decisions according to what we are feeling. The child learns to control their reactions.  In order to educate […]

Congenital marks and hemangioma: When and what special care is necessary?

Some newborns are born with birthmarks that look like bruises or spots on the face, scalp, trunk, or neck, due to uterine contractions that press on the pelvic structures when using forceps. There may also present bruises on the feet and legs with vaginal, such as birthmarks, which can be very common in newborns. Infantile […]

Do you know about paternal postpartum depression?

It is quite common for people to come across information about how mothers can suffer from postpartum depression (PPD) because of all the changes their bodies go through and the whole life change they experience with a new baby. We know that the biggest responsibility of carrying that new life and the arrival of the […]

Do You Know positive discipline?

There are many ways to educate your child without spanking, punishing, bribing, and still developing discipline and empathy. Yes, it is possible to establish limits and build true relationships of love and mutual trust and respect with your children. Positive discipline is an excellent method for those who seek to educate their children with respect, […]

Child Psychological Disorder

We know that most parents are very protective, they want the best for their children and try their best to always be attentive to the wellbeing of their children. It is common for parents to rush to doctors in case of any physical illness, when it is easy to identify an apparent wound or illness. […]

Bye-bye diapers!

How do we know it’s time for Potty Training? Knowing the “right time” for your tot to ditch diapers can be tricky for parents. It is necessary to be committed and have lots of patience and persistence. Until your child learns to use the potty on their own, you will go through many attempts, lots […]