Should we be allowing screen time for young children?

Since I came to the United States in 2003, I have been surprised by the fact that placing children in front of the TV was not the norm for most families I came to work with. Totally the opposite of what happens in Brazil, where our nannies were Xuxa, Angelica, or maybe Mara Maravilha, on […]

The importance of redirecting behavior

Some behaviors of our little ones can be very challenging and, unfortunately, it is natural that we, caregivers or parents, end up not handling the behavior in the best way, and many times, we miss the opportunity to teach and direct them correctly. We waste hours and hours saying. “No, I already said no!” “Did […]

What are your expectations for positive discipline?

Let’s start by taking a break and reflect on the most important fact before we start putting positive discipline into practice. The most relevant factor is to understand your true internal motivation and to understand why you are looking to change your approach. Understand the philosophy of positive discipline, which does not aim to make […]

Sibling rivalry

It is necessary to start thinking about sibling rivalry even before the firstborn is here, as it is important for the couple to talk about the family routine, values they will want to instill in their children and be proactive in thinking about the care they will require, challenges and occasions, in general, that will […]

Main Theories of Learning Development 

Babies have great ease of learning. Even when a few days old, they already use their motor, cognitive, and sensory skills to communicate with people. Through these skills and the actions they manage to do until then, they understand and identify things around them. Thus, developing cognition and their ability to socialize.  The first stage […]

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?

Tantrum is a normal behavior in the healthy development of a child. It is an immature way to negotiate their wishes when they still don’t have the necessary emotional control to navigate certain situations. This part of the brain that controls their impulses is still developing and especially during these challenging times in which we […]

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?


There are techniques that help to deal with these reactions in the best way, minimizing the damage. Contributing to the child to develop and be able to negotiate their own wills, without manipulation.

How to raise emotionally healthy children?

In a generation where many adults still fear responsibilities, when the search for immediate reward prevails, and the growing number of folks that can only function on anxiolytic… adults who live for video-games and political discussions, where the danger is not only in living in an unsafe neighborhood, susceptible to floods or natural disasters, not […]

How to cope with children’s lies?

We know that because of their age, the little ones may have a distorted vision of reality, but we must analyze and consider the factors that can encourage children to tell lies. Let’s take an example: Just before lunchtime, you open the cupboard and find an empty cookie package. You go into your child’s room […]

How to discipline children without punishment and rewards

Offering an education without punishment and prizes for good behavior is a challenge and dream of many parents. For decades, a lot of us were raised in that way, based on physical and psychological punishment. Today, although this practice may seem less harsh, spanking on time-outs have been replaced by “thinking chairs” or removal of […]