What is cradle cap?

Have you noticed that some babies have a white crust or flaking on their heads? It is ssually on the head, but it can be anywhere else on the body. It is known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, cradle cap, or milk crust, as it is also commonly called; it is very common and although it […]

What they didn’t tell you about the puerperium!

Postpartum is a difficult time for many women – they feel vulnerable due to several factors and, unfortunately, this topic is rarely talked about in maternity circles. Everything has both sides and being a mother is no different, despite our culture romanticizing this stage of a woman’s life. In real life, it is a moment […]

What is brachycephaly?

Brachycephaly is a deformity in which the baby’s skull looks smaller than normal. Commonly known as a flat head syndrome, due, in the first months, the baby appears to develop a flattened head. Brachycephaly is the result of the premature combination of coronary sutures (fontanelles), congenital or external deformation (plagiocephaly), which can be a result […]

Why is the Apgar test so important for the baby’s health?

With the purpose to verify the health status of your newborn, the Apgar test was created by Virginia Apgar, an American anesthetist, in 1952. It analyzes whether or not the newborn has adjusted to life outside the womb, if they can adapt well to the new world or if they need help. Especially because the […]

What do you know about meconium?

Little known in the maternal world, meconium is the name given to the newborn’s first feces. When parents see their feces for the first time, they are almost always a little concerned, taken by surprise, due to their color, which is a very dark, consistent, and viscous green. It is expelled in very little quantity, […]

Caring for a premature baby at home

When you have a premature baby at home, many parents feel lost with the precise and high needs of care. As much as they ask doctors for guidance and follow the recommendations, they are afraid they have missed something. I understand because premature babies really demand a lot of special care and undivided attention.  Premature […]

Baby’s first bath

A milestone in your newborn’s life is their very first bath. However, many first-time parents wonder how and where to give it. And imagine, bathing a baby that is so tiny, delicate, that is squirming and, most likely, crying, it takes practice. But do not be nervous, it is normal not to be very good […]