The Waldorf philosophy

All parents seek to give their children the best education they possibly can, as it will be their upbringing in the early years that will define who the child will be as an adult. There are countless teaching methodologies and pedagogical lines that guide parents, domestic professionals and schools in raising our little ones. It […]

The importance of redirecting behavior

Some behaviors of our little ones can be very challenging and, unfortunately, it is natural that we, caregivers or parents, end up not handling the behavior in the best way, and many times, we miss the opportunity to teach and direct them correctly. We waste hours and hours saying. “No, I already said no!” “Did […]

Main Theories of Learning DevelopmentĀ 

Babies have great ease of learning. Even when a few days old, they already use their motor, cognitive, and sensory skills to communicate with people. Through these skills and the actions they manage to do until then, they understand and identify things around them. Thus, developing cognition and their ability to socialize.  The first stage […]

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?

Tantrum is a normal behavior in the healthy development of a child. It is an immature way to negotiate their wishes when they still don’t have the necessary emotional control to navigate certain situations. This part of the brain that controls their impulses is still developing and especially during these challenging times in which we […]

Do you know what whooping cough is?

Do you know what whooping cough is?

Whooping cough, or pertussis, is an acute respiratory infection caused by the bordetella pertussis bacteria. In oriental medicine, it is called a 100-day cough, as the cough takes time to pass and this is the most common symptom. The disease is contagious, so prevention is needed and highly encouraged through vaccination. There has been an […]