The eight-month development leap

When a couple becomes a family, we know that a new journey begins and each phase is a new challenge! They went from an individual life to a couple’s life, and now as a family, responsible for a small being with needs so different from those of the couple. This, due to the baby’s accelerated […]

The baby’s development: birth to the first year

The development from 0 to 3 years of age is full of essential changes both physically and cognitively. The newborn comes into a new world to them, however, since the first few months, they manage to capture even the subtle changes of the environment in which they live and the people they live with. The […]

The benefits of music for your baby

Did your parents sing to you at bedtime when you were little?  Or perhaps, you usually sing a lullaby to your little one? You may not know this but listening to music before bedtime is good for babies. According to science, from the time they are still in the womb, sound waves reach the brain, […]

Tips to ease the discomfort of teething

The two main issues that parents face and fear during the transition of their newborn phase into infancy are: sleep regression, which we have already talked about here in previous posts, and teething. We know these are challenging phases, that the baby has difficulty sleeping, gets clingy, and usually cries a lot. And, like all […]

What do newborns look like at birth?

Newborns look a little different from babies you may see on TV and some parents who are not used to seeing their actual appearance may be quite surprised when they meet their little ones for the first time. It is always good to read about the process, from pregnancy to the arrival of your little […]

Difficulties and challenges of breastfeeding

Nature in its absolute wisdom starts milk production during pregnancy! The mother’s breasts begin to prepare themselves to offer a wealth of nutrients and vitamins that guarantee the defense system of your child. Breast milk is like a built-in vaccine for the newborn, as antibodies are passed from the mother to the baby, thus strengthening […]

The magical science of breast milk!

Considered one of the most nutritious foods out there, breast milk is pure magical science that we should all study, especially mothers. It is recommended by the World Health Organization that babies feed on it exclusively in the first six months of life and that it can be present in their diet until the age […]

How is the discovery of colors and shapes?

Children exploration

An important step in the development of the baby is learning colors and shapes, which consequently leads the baby to learn other things, such as forming sentences, word orders, adjectives, learning to paint, and assembling puzzles. At four months, the little one begins to notice the colors, but it will take more time for them to be able to see them clearly

The Montessori Method Planes of Development

The Montessori method is a scientific pedagogy arguing that education should contribute to the development of the child’s mind, being necessary to respect his individuality and encourage his autonomy, self-esteem and self-confidence. Montessori considered that the behavioral and learning delays of children were due to the lack of necessary stimuli in the environment in which […]

What are your expectations for positive discipline?

Let’s start by taking a break and reflect on the most important fact before we start putting positive discipline into practice. The most relevant factor is to understand your true internal motivation and to understand why you are looking to change your approach. Understand the philosophy of positive discipline, which does not aim to make […]