Caring for a premature baby at home

When you have a premature baby at home, many parents feel lost with the precise and high needs of care. As much as they ask doctors for guidance and follow the recommendations, they are afraid they have missed something. I understand because premature babies really demand a lot of special care and undivided attention.  Premature […]

The benefits of a natural birth

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the most important stages in one’s life, especially their child’s birth. In addition to being all-new, it is the milestone of a new stage that will change their lives forever. Many fear vaginal delivery due to the great pain it causes and believe it to be an invasive procedure. Natural […]

Is it possible to prevent diaper rash? And how to treat them?

Having a baby for the first time is a unique experience for many parents. The adrenaline of having part of you concretized and amazing but there are challenges too, in not knowing how to deal with many new and frequently occurring situations, with a baby who is a fragile being and requires full attention. Some […]

How to care for the baby’s umbilical cord?

One of the little addressed topics when we talk about newborn care is umbilical cord care, and we know that most first-time parents are a bit intimidated by it if they are doing things right or not. The umbilical cord is not difficult to take care of, but it has a process; it is necessary […]