Is it possible to prevent diaper rash? And how to treat them?

Having a baby for the first time is a unique experience for many parents. The adrenaline of having part of you concretized and amazing but there are challenges too, in not knowing how to deal with many new and frequently occurring situations, with a baby who is a fragile being and requires full attention. Some […]

Why my baby won’t sleep through the night?

Baby sleep

Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep through the night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborns and infants. Sleep through the night is a learning process, a habit that also needs to be developed. It takes time at the beginning for a baby to develop their sleeping patterns, and then it is with the help of the grownup to decode those patterns, make a few adjustments if necessary and help consolidate them.

How to maintain a good immune system on the little ones?

With this Coronavirus pandemic, many parents are researching what foods and habits they can add to their routine to improve their child’s immunity. We know, however, that there have been many fakes news on how to prevent diseases and strengthen the body’s defenses. Some even speak of miraculous solutions that promise to improve the immune […]

How to discipline children without punishment and rewards

Offering an education without punishment and prizes for good behavior is a challenge and dream of many parents. For decades, a lot of us were raised in that way, based on physical and psychological punishment. Today, although this practice may seem less harsh, spanking on time-outs have been replaced by “thinking chairs” or removal of […]

How to help children understand the return to work outside the home?

Gradually, many of us who quarantined for so many months, working from home and close to our children, are starting to get back to the work place as they are all committed to being following strict COVID guidelines and procedures for safety. For those who have a small child, I imagine this can be a […]

How to keep toys organized?

It’s a teddy bear on the sofa, puzzle on the floor, dolls on the kitchen table … toys that no matter how hard you try to keep them in the closet, always find their away out, and when you try putting them back, the closet is so stuffed and won’t take one stuffed animal more. […]