The benefits of routines for children

Routine for Children

Routines help children to feel safer and help develop a sense of space and time

 It is imperative for a child to feel safe. Being able to predict what is coming next, also allows the child to have control of their activities, which helps build a sense of space and time, another fundamental skill that would reflect in an adult who has excellent time management, is well-organized, and is able to conceptualize their thoughts both in their social or professional interactions.

Children need to explore rooms and objects around the house

Many parents complain about their little ones always picking up random objects in the house, moving everything around, and making a big mess. Many parents may not understand, but this is a natural behavior and part of their child’s development. They are exploring new things and touch is a way of discovering and making sense […]

What are the consequences of forcing the child to eat?

Becoming parents is a milestone, there is the life before and the life you live after the birth of your children. From the time our baby is born, we pour out our expectations and our wishes with all our might. It turns out that we always want our little ones to sleep when we want, […]

The importance of redirecting behavior

Some behaviors of our little ones can be very challenging and, unfortunately, it is natural that we, caregivers or parents, end up not handling the behavior in the best way, and many times, we miss the opportunity to teach and direct them correctly. We waste hours and hours saying. “No, I already said no!” “Did […]

The benefits of music for your baby

Did your parents sing to you at bedtime when you were little?  Or perhaps, you usually sing a lullaby to your little one? You may not know this but listening to music before bedtime is good for babies. According to science, from the time they are still in the womb, sound waves reach the brain, […]

The Montessori Method Planes of Development

The Montessori method is a scientific pedagogy arguing that education should contribute to the development of the child’s mind, being necessary to respect his individuality and encourage his autonomy, self-esteem and self-confidence. Montessori considered that the behavioral and learning delays of children were due to the lack of necessary stimuli in the environment in which […]

Caring for a premature baby at home

When you have a premature baby at home, many parents feel lost with the precise and high needs of care. As much as they ask doctors for guidance and follow the recommendations, they are afraid they have missed something. I understand because premature babies really demand a lot of special care and undivided attention.  Premature […]

Talking to little ones about this school year

As parents are returning to work outside their homes, the school year has started with both virtual and hybrid instructions, and the discussion continues, about the safety and possible future outbreaks. In the midst of everything that has been happening due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing really is concrete, and we all still have lots […]

Sibling rivalry

It is necessary to start thinking about sibling rivalry even before the firstborn is here, as it is important for the couple to talk about the family routine, values they will want to instill in their children and be proactive in thinking about the care they will require, challenges and occasions, in general, that will […]

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?

Tantrum is a normal behavior in the healthy development of a child. It is an immature way to negotiate their wishes when they still don’t have the necessary emotional control to navigate certain situations. This part of the brain that controls their impulses is still developing and especially during these challenging times in which we […]