Children need to explore rooms and objects around the house

Many parents complain about their little ones always picking up random objects in the house, moving everything around, and making a big mess. Many parents may not understand, but this is a natural behavior and part of their child’s development. They are exploring new things and touch is a way of discovering and making sense […]

The stages of development in the first three years

Children like to explore the world around them and have great ease in learning new things quickly. On the other hand, like any phase of our life, they have their own learning time. And it is up to us to stimulate to the maximum while, at the same time, observe, acknowledge and respect each child’s […]

Why should we view child development in a holistic way?

I’ve been talking about child development from 0 to 3 years, for some time, and I do than to focus on a specific point or category, whether I talk about theories, the importance of reading, playing, or the baby’s brain. However, what I really strive my community of parents and caregivers to understand and internalize, […]

Is your little one going through the terrible twos phase?

Imagine that from one day to the next your little munchkin, who was calm and such a “stable” fella, is now throwing tantrums at the top of every hour, is irritable and it seems their favorite word now is NO. Crying for everything, not listening to the parents or caregivers at all and everything has […]

How to talk about racism with your little ones?

While we celebrate Black Awareness Day on the 20th of November in Brazil, and other months around the world, here in the United States, this date is celebrated in the month of February, due to the birth of Abraham Lincoln, president of the USA responsible for abolishing slavery. Also, due to Frederick Douglas’ birthday, a […]

How to raise emotionally healthy children?

In a generation where many adults still fear responsibilities, when the search for immediate reward prevails, and the growing number of folks that can only function on anxiolytic… adults who live for video-games and political discussions, where the danger is not only in living in an unsafe neighborhood, susceptible to floods or natural disasters, not […]

Baby’s first tooth, what should I do?!

Having a child is always challenging, it seems that we can never predict what is coming. Changes and unexpected challenges make up the new life routine of parents! In the midst of so much unknown, it is common for parents not to know how to react and address every single challenge, and teething is one […]