Is it possible to keep toys organized at home?

It’s a teddy bear on the sofa, puzzle on the floor, dolls on the kitchen table … toys that no matter how hard you try to keep them in the closet, always find their away out, and when you try putting them back, the closet is so stuffed and won’t take one stuffed animal more. […]

Bad Mom Syndrome

We say mother, but this text can be directed to parents in general. Parents who want to spend more time with their children, who want to enjoy more unique moments, but end up spending more time at work. Fathers who are realizing that today they need to play, change diapers and participate in education as […]

The Waldorf philosophy

All parents seek to give their children the best education they possibly can, as it will be their upbringing in the early years that will define who the child will be as an adult. There are countless teaching methodologies and pedagogical lines that guide parents, domestic professionals and schools in raising our little ones. It […]

The benefits of routines for children

Routine for Children

Routines help children to feel safer and help develop a sense of space and time

 It is imperative for a child to feel safe. Being able to predict what is coming next, also allows the child to have control of their activities, which helps build a sense of space and time, another fundamental skill that would reflect in an adult who has excellent time management, is well-organized, and is able to conceptualize their thoughts both in their social or professional interactions.

Children need to explore rooms and objects around the house

Many parents complain about their little ones always picking up random objects in the house, moving everything around, and making a big mess. Many parents may not understand, but this is a natural behavior and part of their child’s development. They are exploring new things and touch is a way of discovering and making sense […]

What are the consequences of forcing the child to eat?

Becoming parents is a milestone, there is the life before and the life you live after the birth of your children. From the time our baby is born, we pour out our expectations and our wishes with all our might. It turns out that we always want our little ones to sleep when we want, […]

It’s time to babyproof!

It was only a few months ago that your little one came home, then you realize, your tiny baby is no longer a passive little fella who would stay put in their little mat; instead, you now have a little being who lives on the move. All this mobility – rolling, bouncing, turning, and crawling […]

The stages of development in the first three years

Children like to explore the world around them and have great ease in learning new things quickly. On the other hand, like any phase of our life, they have their own learning time. And it is up to us to stimulate to the maximum while, at the same time, observe, acknowledge and respect each child’s […]

Why my baby won’t sleep through the night?

Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep through the night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborn and baby. Sleep through the night is a learning process, a habit that also needs to be developed. It takes time at the beginning for a baby to develop their sleeping patterns and then […]

Why should we view child development in a holistic way?

I’ve been talking about child development from 0 to 3 years, for some time, and I do than to focus on a specific point or category, whether I talk about theories, the importance of reading, playing, or the baby’s brain. However, what I really strive my community of parents and caregivers to understand and internalize, […]