Thaty’s infamous and core parenting class, this is the Game Plan Boot Camp for LIFE!

It focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of parenting, which aren’t about the first 3 months, but the first 3 years of life.¬†

We focus on the big picture of parenting, setting new parents and the little ones, up for success from the get-go.

Private and Group, In-person and Online available Р3 hours Р$397-$457 

This is your standard parenting class, focusing on becoming a new family of 3! All about newborn care and life as a couple with a new baby!

Classes are usually 3-4 hours long and can be split into two sessions. We will cover all the basics of newborn and infant care and research-based skills to manage the transition to parenthood. A portion of this class is based on The Gottman Institute workshops for new parents. This in-home class is open to grandparents and caregivers to attend as well. 
If you would rather have the convenience of an online option, I will work with your family to customize a shorter version of the class.

How to become an Employer of Choice and attract the best talent

  • HIRING CHIDCARE: Daycare, In-home Daycare, House Manager, Private Nanny, Nannyshare, Au Pair, Mother‚Äôs Helper ‚Äď What is the best option to your family?
  • I will work with you to understand your family’s needs and expectations and create the perfect job ad and attract the best fit for your family.
  • I will guide you on finding your perfect fit through an agency, online platform, or through my vast, private, worldwide network of professional Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists.
  • I will coach you through the entire hiring process, from law requirements and due diligence to how to keep your top talent for years to come.

Starts at $547

The basis of this class is founded on the work of the¬†world-renowned doctor Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on The Block approach, where you will learn extraordinary techniques to calm your baby and help them sleep longer, in addition to soothing colicky babies in¬†minutes! Class information¬†includes:

  • The 4th¬†Trimester
  • The Calming¬†Reflex
  • The 5¬†S’s
  • The Cuddle¬†Cure

$197 private class [per family], open to grandparents and caregivers to attend. Available both in-person at home and online via Zoom – 60-75min

*Can be offered as a Private Group class at a discounted price. Contact us for more details.

Fighting bedtime? Waking up throughout the night?

This class is all about children and sleep! In other words, you will learn the underlying reasons connected with sleeping issues, understand your child’s own clock, and establish winning and healthy routines early on.

  • Does your baby need to be held, fed, or rocked to sleep?
  • Does your baby sleep only for 30-40minutes at a time?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried to let your child cry it out, and all the other possibilities, for instance, and they just don’t work for you?

This class is based on ages and stages and will give you an overview of 0-3 years.

This is NOT a customized sleep consultation/sleep training class for individual families. Please refer to our consultation and coaching packages below if you would like individual, customized guidance and support.

75min – $147 Online and in-person


Fill out the form below and explain in detail what type of service you’d like to receive and Thaty will send you an intake form to ensure she is suitable to work with you and fulfill your needs. Consulting solutions for parents include Sleep Conditioning, Routine Setting, Behavior Management, Transitions, Onboarding Caregivers, Hiring Childcare, and others.¬†

Coaching guidance can be provided on a myriad of topics. It is often a journey together than a quick solution to solve a problem. Families who choose to work with me as their coach, have the ongoing desire to evaluate their parenting approaches, philosophies, strategies, and overall journey, so they can continue to grow as mindful and conscientious parents.

Consulting packages vary according to the topics.

Coaching packages for parents start at $525 for 4 x 45min sessions.

THE BRAINERY - Building Brain Builders

The Brainery is a community of intellect-oriented, high-achieving parents and caregivers committed to their ongoing learning, which directly affects the way they raise children. These Brain-builders take advantage of the best practices and resources available today to raise children who reach their full potential. Send us a message to learn more.